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About - TypiNation

What is TypiNation?

TypiNation is a multiplayer community typing game where you can compete & improve your typing speed along with other players all around the world.

Contact us

In order to resolve a complaint regarding TypiNation or to receive further information regarding use of TypiNation, please feel free to contact us anytime at: [email protected]

What can you do in here?

There are many features available for: Guests, Registered Users, Verified Registered Users & Premium Members

Listing the available features for each one of the roles:


  • Join random races & compete with random players all around the world in realtime using your typing speed.
  • Improve your typing speed by practicing random quotes from the system (Practice Mode), or come up with a sentence of your own - any language available (Custom Practice).
  • Every finished race gives you an analysis of your typing skills throughout the race (showing WPM, accuracy, incorrect words, graph speed throughout the race and more), having an option to replay your race after finished.
  • Join private rooms that were created by registered users, so that you can play with your friends.
  • Pick a story / novel you'd like to start reading (Story Mode), and start typing it out. To save your progress you must register.

Registered Users

  • Have a profile page where anyone can see your progress, your stats and the information you provided.
  • Customize your own profile and add your own information such as bio, age, gender.
  • Every stats of every race you finished will be gathered into your profile and show comprehensive analysis in your profile page.
  • After every finished race you can click a button to list your last speeds history for the specific quote in the past, to see your progress.
  • Have your name shown in the leaderboard list in homepage according to your stats.
  • Create a public room where you can invite your friends, lock the room with password to make it private, kick players from your room, chat with room participants, play & race in realtime.
  • Have an option to block other users that won't private message you (sending PMs available only for verified users).
  • Have your private settings page that you can modify for your account (disable chats, disable PM pop up, change email address/password, etc..)
  • Along with every quote you'll finish you will earn coins based on the quote's length. With these coins you can purchase specific trackstyles to style your track during your race, change your name, purchase private messages and increase private racetracks limit (will be explained later).
  • Pick a story/novel you want to read & start typing it out, your progress is saved along so you can stop from the last point you stopped time. You'll be given meaningful stats about your typing skills throughout the sessions. Once you finished a specific story it'll be added to your profile page, and if you score is good enough, it'll be added to the toptimes list.

Verified Registered Users

  • Everyone who will cross your profile will see you are a verified user because you own a verified user badge.
  • Create private racetracks from your own (in profile page), in any language you'd want (can set right-to-left OR left-to-right langauge), so that you can practice them & challenge your friends in your private room while picking "My personal racetracks" in realtime.
  • Have an option to send (& read) private messages to any other user in TypiNation unless they disabled it in settings.
  • Upload a profile picture in your profile.
  • Enjoy free spinwheel everyday and earn free coins.

Premium Members

  • Create as many personal racetracks as you want (unlimited) for you to challenge your friends online with any language/text you would like.
  • Stand out from the crowd, everyone who will cross your profile will see you own a premium membership badge.
  • Have access to premium trackstyles in the shop, that are only available to premium members.
  • Option to save a score you make in "practice mode" once every day.
  • Enjoy unlimited number of live private messages you can send to everyone.
  • Export all your races history to an excel file, sorted each by speed / accuracy / date.
  • Your name will be highlighted on leaderboards on latest scores.
  • 30% discount on all shop items.